Altan Presbyterian Church

108 West Sandy Ridge Road

Monroe, NC  28112

P.O. Box 3157
Monroe, NC  28111

Rules for Use of Sanctuary & Fellowship Hall



In addition to Church sponsored activities, the Sanctuary and Fellowship Hall are available free of charge for use by congregation members.  If members wish to make a donation to cover utilities they are welcome to do so.  For non-members, there will be a charge of $500 for use of the Fellowship Hall and $500 for use of the Sanctuary, payable in full upon reservation.

The following rules apply to both Church sponsored activities as well as private functions.

Both the Sanctuary and Fellowship Hall are Church facilities and should be treated as such.  No smoking or use of alcoholic beverages is permitted on Church property.

Reservations for use of the facilities will be made on a first come, first serve basis.  It will be the responsibility of the Clerk of Session or appropriate Committee Chair to schedule reservations for Church functions.

To reserve the facility, complete the “Request for use of Church Facilities” form and submit the completed and signed form to the Clerk of Session or any Session Member.  You will be advised when your request is approved or notified of any schedule conflict.

It is your responsibility to clean the facility after use.  When you are notified that your reservation has been approved you will be provided with a copy of the “Facility Clean-Up Check List”.  When you have finished your activity and are cleaning up, refer to the check-list and initial each item as it is completed.  Sign and date the check-list and return to any session member.

To insure your comfort you will need to manually set the heating/air conditioning thermostats to appropriate settings and restore the thermostats to program mode after use.  The heating/air conditioning is normally operating only on Sundays.  If you are unsure how to operate the thermostats please contact a member of the Property and Grounds Committee.

The Fellowship Hall is equipped with non-consumable goods (bowls, platters, cutlery, table cloths, pots and pans, etc.) that are available for your use.  Remember, all items must be cleaned and returned to their original locations after use.  Consumable goods (paper or plastic cups, plates, spoons, forks, napkins, etc.) should not be used for private functions.

Please leave all facilities in neat and orderly condition, ready for use by others.

Failure to follow these rules may result in limitations on future use of the facilities.


Revised 4-19-2009

Please refer to this calendar to determine if the date of your planned activity is available.

Complete all fields on the request form and submit for consideration.

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